Grid Install, long Beach, 8-22-2015

Grid Install, Long Beach, CA 8-26-2015

Miller 2

Miller/Coors install Dec. 2014, part 1

miller 4

Miller/Coors install, part 2

miller 6

Miller/Coors install, Jan 2015, part 3

Green Jobs Fair 8-22-2015

Green Jobs Fair 8-22-2015

 Ed Begley Jr. with the solar powered sound systemat the 2014 Climate Rally

Ed Begley Jr. with the solar powered sound system at the 2014 Climate Rally

Solar Sound system

Solar powered sound system at the POLAHS Green Festival, May 2014


Installation in Lynwood with grid alternatives,

Installation in Lynwood with Grid Alterntives

SPI International 2009

Solar Power International 2009, Los Angeles Convention Center

Solar panels can come in colors! I am going to be adding a blog post about the possibilities here.

Long Beach

Long Beach solar install, August 2010

Day 4 Energy solar module at SPI 2010. These poeple have a very unique approach to solving the shading problem.

Compton install

Compton installation with Grid Alternatives, Feb. 2012

16 KW install

16 KW install, Lakewood, Feb 2012

Lakewood installation

16 kilowatt Residential installation, Lakewood, CA fe. 2102

Residential installation in Lakewood, CA Feb. 2012

Compton install 1

Installation in Compton, CA December 2011

Residential install

Residential install, Manhattan Beach, CA, May 2011


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