Day4 Work Smart technology

Day4 Energy 60MC solar modules. These solar panel modules have a very unique solution to the partial shading problem.
9 internal parallel circuits instead of the usual two or three help keep the module working in the shade.
Smart choice for locations with lots of obstructions like trees, vents and and other things. I don’t know why these panels aren’t more popular.


solar power at the LA River Ride

Here is a solar power system that I used at the 2012 LA River Ride. Since the morning was cloudy I used a backup generator until the sun came out. Interestingly, the solar power was “cleaner” (pun intended) in more ways than one. The generator was causing the guitar amps to produce a lot of funny sounding hums and buzzes, which were gone when we switched to solar power for the backline gear. Along with two 145 watt panels, the system consisted of a 600 watt Samlex true sine wave inverter, a Morningstar 30 amp charge controller, and a Sears deep cycle battery.