Solar Powered Sound at the 2016 Children of Many Colors Powow

Sun Production provided a solar powered PA system at the Children of Many Colors Powwow in Moorpark, CA, August 2016.

Solar gear provided:
Four DM solar 160 watt solar panel modules.
One Exceltech XP 1100 watt 24 volt DC to 120 volt AC pure sine wave inverter.
One Midnite Solar "The Kid" MPPT solar charge controller.
Two 12 volt deep cycle batteries.
Sound system with four Turbosound Milan powered speakers, A&H Gl2400 Mixer. 
Lots of hi-fi microphones for picking up the MC and the drum circles.moorpark powwow.jpg


Wiring solar panel module strings without a return wire.

It is possible to connect a string of solar modules without a return wire. In the diagrams below, the typical method for wiring strings is shown in the top illustration, with a return wire. The lower two diagrams illustrate how to wire a string – leapfrog style – without using a long return wire.

On a single string with a small number of panels the return wire doesn’t add much expense, but on a commercial or utility-scale install with thousands of feet of return wire this could make a significant difference in cost. As far as installation, on a ground mount or a tilted flat roof mount with easy access to the back of the panels this could be an easy alternative connection method. However, on a fixed flat roof mount the actual wiring may be difficult to accomplish since more than one module needs to be held up to make the connection. Experiments, anyone?

alt. string wiring

My favorite gadget at Solar Power International 2015 in Anaheim

I saw this on the exhibit floor at the 2015 SPI convention at the Anaheim Convention Center last September – the PWR Station.A portable solar power system that folds up like an accordion. Come s pre-assembled. Ready to roll out and produce power!



One of my largest install crew projects – the Miller/Coors Multi-megawatt solar install in Irwindale

SolarCity and MillerCoors announced the completion of what may be the largest solar installation on a US brewery to date. The 3.2 megawatt array consists of more than 10,000 solar panels installed across ten acres of the brewery’s grounds in Irwindale, northeast of downtown Los Angeles, California (US). The solar system is expected to produce enough energy to brew more than 7 million cases of beer annually.

The new project allows MillerCoors to significantly increase the brewery’s energy independence and will offer impactful environmental benefits to the San Gabriel Valley region and the residents of Los Angeles County. The system will prevent more than 144 million pounds of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere over its lifetime – the equivalent of taking over 12,000 cars off the road or planting more than 6.2 million trees.

– See more at:<a

Optimizing Array-to-Inverter Ratio article

Interesting article on optimizing the solar PV output-to-inverter ratio, now that the prices for solar panels have come down significantly in recent years. This article was printed in SolarPro magazine.

solar optimizing

Sun Production at the 2014 Historic Filipinotown Festival with the Solar Sound System

Sun Production solar PA

Sun Production solar PA

Sun Production provided a solar powered sound system for the 2014 Historic Filipinotown Festival, near Downtown LA. Even though it was mostly cloudy throughout the day, there was ample power for the sound system. A lot of people were asking questions about it, like could this be used as a disaster relief system, can it power a house, etc. All of which were promptly answered.

Sun Production

Solar Powered sound & music at the 2014 LA River Ride

This solar power system provided electric power for a Marshall stack, Ampeg SVT, DJ setup, and sound system (with a monitor board) at the 2014 LA River Ride! We can provide sound and solar power for YOUR event!
2014 riverride